Summer safety for you and your dog!

Summer can be so much fun with your dog. We at the Dog Stop enjoy our time with your dogs in our air conditioned Dog Training and Dog Daycare centre whether that is in a dog training class or at … Read More

Another 5 Years

Here’s to another 5 years!   We celebrated our 5th year in business last Saturday.  And what a great time we had with so many past and current customers, family and friends.  And of course our dogs!  Everyone enjoyed the … Read More

We’re celebrating November 19!

5 years in the making and on November 19 we’re celebrating!  This Saturday we’re looking forward to meeting up with many of you at our 5th Anniversary Open House.  Here are the details: We were delighted to pass 5 years … Read More

Fun Facts about Dogs

There are many fun facts about dogs that we sometimes wonder about.  Each individual dog will have their own mannerisms. Some will be based on genetics, others on the environment they they have been brought up in or grew into.  For … Read More

Kids and Dogs

Kids and dogs can make a great family, it is done right.  Getting a dog is a lifelong commitment so when your child asks if they can get a dog before actually getting a dog start doing some homework.  Research … Read More

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