Resolving Conflict in Human/Canine relationships


Come and Join Us in Oakville/Mississauga at The Dog Stop on July 21-23 to see why Mark McCabe methods are changing the way we work with dogs, The first day of the seminar will be held in beautiful Bronte Creek provincial park.  After a day of learning we will be taking a much needed nature hike through the trails.

Come and find out why trainers have been raving about their experience working with Mark McCabe and learning about Training Between the Ears (TBTE). Hear why this system has made their training/business more fun AND more successful for them and their students. Join us to see and learn how this gentle and simple process can transform very difficult dogs and change their relationship with their owners all while being easier for the trainers, students, and dogs.
Whether your connection to dogs involves rehabilitating rescue dogs, competing with performance dogs, helping clients with difficult dogs, or just enjoying your own pet, this discussion is for you.