What do I think about dog parks?

Over the years I have gotten this question many times. I know many clients use dog parks and I try and provide them guidance on what to look for ‘BEFORE’ they bring their dog. How I would like a Dog … Read More

How cold is too cold?

As the temperatures dip and rise sporadically this winter, it can make us feel that spring is almost here! Though we are in the second half of winter, it’s important to know safety measures for cold temperatures. That’s why we … Read More

Winter Blues? Try an Agility Course!

Check out this great story about Brian Einarson. Brian built a winter playground in his backyard for his dogs to get supervised exercise! Brian’s elaborate snow tunnels emulate the great learning conditions that are provided by agility courses.  Agility programs … Read More

Dog Daycare why does my dog need?

The Dog Stop dog daycare is one that is geared towards socialization with other dogs. We provide an environment so that the dog can socialize one on one or more together. Dogs speak dog and therefore they need friends to … Read More

Summer safety for you and your dog!

Summer can be so much fun with your dog. We at the Dog Stop enjoy our time with your dogs in our air conditioned Dog Training and Dog Daycare centre whether that is in a dog training class or at … Read More

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