Changed Behaviour

Have you noticed a change in your dog’s behaviour recently and thought “I need some help with training”. Sudden changes in behaviour can be an indication that your dog may be experiencing a medical condition that needs to be addressed first before any training should be completed. Mark down the occurrences and details and make an appointment with your vet immediately for a check up.  Dogs cannot speak so don’t ignore it!

Some examples of changed behaviour include becoming grumpy with other dogs or humans, starting to go to the bathroom inside, grwoling at you when you touch him.  Here are a couple of examples from owners who have experienced changed behavious in their dogs:

  • A lovely Terrier suddenly started sleeping and ignoring her food. Normally good natured, she started growling at the slightest noise. The owners first tried changing the food and while she was enthusiastic, she started to throw up after eating. Rather than take any chances, the owners took her into the Vet. It didn’t take long to diagnose: Pancreatitis. This was bad news but because it was caught early, the prognosis was very good.  Once treatment started the previous bad behaviour disappeared.
  • A socialized dog who normally loved play sessions with other dogs suddenly started to dislike any interaction with dogs without displaying any other outward symptoms. After a thorough check, it was discovered that he had an ear infection. Catching it early resulted in fast treatment to stop the pain and infection and the behaviour disappeared.

The bottom line is that a sudden change in your dog’s behaviour can indicate a medical condition. Your dog cannot or may not express pain when they are injured or not feeling well.  Contact your Vet for any sudden changes in behaviour first, your dog will thank you.


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