Social Obedience Training

Whether your dog is happy and excited, shy or fearful or just needs more real life interactions, our Social Obedience Dog Training Course will provide supportive and fun learning experience.

Our Social Obedience Course provides a variety of class formats and locations to allow your dog to be exposed to real life scenarios, work on obedience including advance commands and of course have some fun with your dog.

We utilize a variety of class formats from Obedience focused, Circuit classes, Canine Good Neighbour activities, Rally O, working in Trails, Parks, Plazas and pack walking. This is all to help you and your dog be exposed to the real world and teaching them to be a calm, respectful and happy member of your family.

Teach your dog to be a calm, respectful member of your community.

  • Prerequisite: Basic Obedience or equivalent
  • 20 weeks and up

Class Details

3 Months: $475 +HST
6 Months: $625 + HST
1 Year: $775 + HST

Days offered:
Tuesday – see FB group for times
Saturday – see FB group for times

Importance of Socialization in Dog Training

Socialization is an important aspect of social obedience dog training, as it helps to ensure that dogs are comfortable and confident in a variety of situations and around different types of people and animals. Here are some specific reasons why socialization is crucial in social obedience dog training:

  • Reduces fear and aggression: Socialization helps to expose dogs to a variety of stimuli, which can reduce the risk of fear or aggression towards unfamiliar people or animals. By getting dogs used to different types of people and animals early on, they are less likely to react negatively when encountering them in the future.
  • Builds confidence: Socialization can help to build a dog’s confidence by exposing them to new experiences in a positive and controlled environment. As dogs learn to adapt to new situations, they become more confident in their ability to handle different types of stimuli.
  • Increases adaptability: Socialization can help dogs to become more adaptable and resilient to change. Dogs that are not socialized may struggle to cope with new experiences, such as moving to a new home or encountering unfamiliar people or animals.
  • Improves obedience: Dogs that are well socialized are more likely to be obedient and responsive to commands, as they are used to being in different situations and around different types of people and animals.
  • Enhances overall quality of life: Socialization can help to enhance a dog’s overall quality of life by reducing the risk of behavior problems, improving their social skills, and increasing their confidence and adaptability.

Socialization is crucial in obedience dog training as it helps to build a dog’s confidence, reduce the risk of fear and aggression, increase adaptability, improve obedience, and enhance overall quality of life.