Structure Dog Daycare Program

Our structured Daycare provides a safe and supervised environment for dogs to socialize with other dogs in play groups tailored to their temperaments.  We also provide rest areas such as stalls and crates for breaks in between play groups and before pickup

We offer both half-day (5 hours or less) and full-day (7:30am-6:00pm) options to fit your schedule.


Entry into the Dog Daycare Program requires vaccinations of Bordetella, Rabies and DHPP and be on a minimum seasonal flea/worm program. We also require that any dog over 12 months of age be Spay or Neutered.  Copies of up to date veterinarian records must be submitted along with your application and waiver prior to entry into the assessment.

An assessment (with fee) is conducted to ensure that your dog is suitable for our daycare.  Our assessment is conducted by appointment Mondays-Thursday and requires a minimum 3 hr stay. Drop off for the assessment is starting at 9:00am by appointment only and owners do not stay.    Any dog found not suitable for our daycare will be crated and the owners will be contacted immediately.

Daily entry time into the Dog Daycare is from 7:30am-11:00am.  Dogs will not be allowed entry after 11:00am regardless if attending for full or half day.  

All packages expire 3 months from purchase date

Type Full Day Half Day 5hrs or less Full Day/Half DaySecond Dog (same owner)
Assessment 38 38 38
One time 40 30 30
3 pack 117 87 87
5 pack 190 140 140
10 pack 370 270 270
20 pack 700 500 500

Dog Daycare

Structured Daycare helps dogs develop better communication and social skills. Additionally, it provides mental stimulation from learning new things, such as obedience commands or tricks, can help keep their minds sharp.