Daycare for Dogs, really?

sb10064464f-001Why do people bring their dogs to daycare?  There are many benefits to daycare such as physical exercise, socialization and supervision.   A dog daycare is similar to a child daycare however there is much more flexibility.

A dog can attend daycare daily, a few times a week or occasionally either for half days or full days. An initial assessment is required to ensure that a dog is suitable for the daycare environment.  Once their assessment day is complete they can start on whatever schedule they require.

There are many reasons why a dog attends daycare.  A breed that is high energy can benefit from the exercise that they get from a day in daycare.   Daycare is a great socialization tool even for those dogs that are described as unsure around other dogs.  Many dogs described as ‘shy’ are much more social within a few days of attending and begin playing with other dogs.  Getting renovations done?  Daycare is a great way to ensure that your dog is safe and not in the way of your workers.  Selling your home?  Daycare is a great option when you have showings.   Taking a trip and having a relative, neighbour or friend take care of your dog? A half day of daycare is a great way to allow your dog’s caregiver a break to do errands while your dog has a great time and goes home tired.  Whatever the reason Doggie Daycare is a great service to explore for your dog.

Haven’t tried your Dog in Daycare, The Dog Stop is a great place to start.