Dealing with Difficult Dogs: Workshop in Belize

Heather Beck, K9 Lifeline

Nearly 5 years ago I made the big decision to open The Dog Stop.  I’ve always loved dogs and I saw a need in Oakville and Mississauga for a Dog Centre that catered to both dogs and their owners.  Over the past years my team and I have been rewarded with stories and experiences of the many dogs we’ve met, trained and taken care of.  At the heart of my passion is the belief that dog owners who take the time and interest in proper training for their dog enjoy the deepest relationships.  To bring the best to you, I’m constantly on the lookout for interesting dog training programs.  And I found one with Heather Beck, Founder of K9 Lifeline who I met at a workshop last Fall where I was introduced to the proper use of the Halti:  In early July I’m off to Belize for her workshop on dealing with dificult dogs.  While there I’ll be working with local dogs as well as dogs at the Saga Humane Society.

Here’s some background on Heather and K9 Lifeline:

  • The trainers, kennel techs and office staff all have a deep passion and drive to help dogs through training, daycare and a comfortable, clean and calm boarding environment
  • Heather’s many years of hands on experience enables her to successfully connect with dogs and owners to teach the psychology behind a dog’s behaviour, creating better communication with “man’s best friend”
  • Heather has trained and handled every type of dog from puppies to difficult and reactive
  • She has often worked alongside the “Dog Whisperer”, Cesar Milan as part of his Team of Trainers at the Dog Psychology Centre in California. Cesar sought her out after hearing about her success socializing and working with difficult and reactive dogs. She works side by side with Cesar teaching workshops to groups of students from around the World!New-Home-DSC_4518-cropped-web-1024x512

While this workshop in Belize focuses on dealing with dificult dogs, I’m pretty excited about being with her and other Trainers learning new skills and training techniques to bring back to The Dog Stop.  

So stay tuned for more on the experience in Belize!



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