Is Your Dog a Driving Distraction? Tips to Keep You Safe


When we think of Distracted driving the first thing that pops into our head is texting but did you know that having an unrestrained dog in your car can be just as dangerous?

Where does your dog sit when you have him in the car, is he/she restrained, in the front seat, back seat, loose in the car.

For those that don’t have the dog restrained in the back of their car in a seatbelt harness or crate I would like you to review the attached Doggie Distraction Fact Sheet, I think it will shock you and hopefully change your mind on how you travel with your dog.  If you don’t currently have a restraint for your dog at least clip their leash into the seatbelt in the back seat while you decide on the form of restraint to use.

We restrain children and ourselves why should it be any different for your beloved dog.   Lets prevent accidents and save the lives of all by not being distracted while driving.