Do you talk to your dog?

11406427_838887546159687_6942137458669807373_nWe talk to our dogs all the time.  It may look strange to non-dog owners but were not crazy.  We know our dogs understand us. 
The primary benefit of talking to your dog is that even though they may not understand the words, they understand the actions that go with them and we develop a deeper bond with them.  So if you don’t mind the occasional stare from a stranger, here are 5 reasons why you should talk to your dog:
  1. Dogs understand your words based on the actions and excitement in your voice.  They don’t have a full understanding of course but in our house saying the words, ‘Car Ride’ elicits immediate excitement and energy.  We better be heading out to the car soon!  The bottom line is that over time, your dog will understand the words and phrases you use frequently as they are masters at picking up patterns.  This is why training if done consistently works.
  2. Dogs understand what we’re saying without understanding the specific words.  Our emotion, tone of voice, body language…dogs are sensitive to all three and respond accordingly.  If our dog hears a raised voice, she gets visibly upset.
  3. Improve your mental health by talking to your dog. After all, your dog is not going to share it with anyone.  Studies have shown that children with communication or socialization challenges will open up to a dog.  Similarly with the elderly, dogs help keep them focused on the present and active.
  4. Repetition affects behaviour.  Things that we repeat over and over become habits.  Same with our dog.  They respond to hearing certain words and phrases repeatedly. They love patterns!
  5. It’s good for your dog!  And for you.  While you may not carry on a deep conversation with your dog, both of you will bond more deeply.  And isn’t that a good enough reason?
So get talking.  It’s good for both of you.

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