Dog training for life

Last week we wrote about our Social Obedience dog training class. It is a class that is ongoing so that clients can consistently learn and practice with their dog for life. This week is Training for Life for the Trainer.

Since completing my Dog Training Obedience apprenticeship in 2009 I have attended many workshops and seminars with a variety of different trainers, tools and methodologies. Each trainer and method has taught me how to become a better trainer. It may be only one new tool, method or behavior and how to deal with them or improving on what I currently know however this one thing could potentially help many dogs.

I myself love learning and feel that you will never know everything you will need regardless of how long you are in the industry. There is always something to learn. Like our evolving world a good trainer should be open to learning as the industry changes. Whether it be by attending or hosting workshops/seminars with trainers who are willing to share their knowledge.

Duke Ferguson Trainer Seminar Feb 2015

This week I am attending my third seminar with Heather Beck of K9lifeline. The first was a seminar with two other trainers where I focused on learning the Halti and how she utilized the tool dealing with all sizes and shapes of dogs and behaviours. This was a tool I was familiar with however being familiar and actually using can be two different things. Conditioning of this tool takes patience and the most difficult part in using however as shown at the workshop once conditioned it is a great tool.

The second workshop I attended was in San Pedro Belize working with dogs from the island and also utilizing the Halti and Transitional leash. We also experienced that although we are thousands of miles away dealing with dogs on a beautiful tropical island was not much different from dealing with dogs in Canada. The dogs have issues just like our own in Canada.

The workshop I will be attending this week is at K9Lifeline in Utah and will cover safe handling and leash work from puppies to aggressive dogs, indoor socials, structured daycare, dog behavior, dog assessments, business building and will have a special guest trainer Martin Deeley teaching Building the bond with retrieving. As shown from the description it will be packed full of new learning that I can utilize for The Dog Stop and our clients.

So like dogs with their owners who are training for life, I as a trainer also realize that it is so important to continually learn and evolve to help both my current and future clients.