Basic Obedience Training

Did you get a new puppy, adopt an older dog, or have never done training with your dog? Starting with Basic Obedience Training is a great way to set your dog up for success and provides a foundation for more advanced training. Teaching the basics is a fun and important step to help establish a strong and positive relationship between a dog and owner, as well as reducing problem behaviours such as aggression or destructiveness.

Our Basic Obedience Level 1 Training program is a group class that teaches dogs a variety of commands including Sit, Stay, Release, Heel, Down, Place and Recall. The class also covers basic problem behaviours such as jumping up.

Our Basic Obedience Level 2 allows you to take Level 1 commands to the next level with more distance, duration and distractions as well as Canine Good Neighbour training in preparation of certification.

Both classes have a maximum of 6 dog participants.

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Importance of Basic Obedience Training:

Behavior: Obedience training helps dogs understand what is expected of them and how to behave in different situations.

Safety: Basic commands such as “come,” “stay,” and “heel” can help keep a dog safe.

Communication: Obedience training can help improve communication between you and your dog.

Bonding: Training can be a great bonding experience for both you and your dog, strengthening your relationship.

Mental Stimulation: Training is mentally stimulating for your dog, important for their overall health and well-being.

Socialization: Training classes provide a great opportunity for dogs to feel comfortable being around other dogs and build confidence.

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Class Details

Basic Obedience L1
$275+hst, 6 weeks
Tues May2/23

Basic Obedience L2
$275+hst, 6 weeks