Doggies get the blues too

Do dogs get the blues too?   On those cold, damp and dreary mornings when even I want to pull the covers over my head and stay warm and cozy in bed, it’s easy to understand that your dog will have the same reaction as you.  So it is with feeling down.

My dogs are currently experiencing a change and although we go on with our busy lives we need to recognize this.  I have a senior dog Rocky. As he has aged he has changed, sleeps more, breaths heavier and although he will do anything to please me he has slowed down on his walks and well as he has lived for 14 years  I allow him to sniff and explore as much as he wants, at whatever pace he wants.  For him a  lack of appetite is when I know that he is not having a good day.  If it continues for a couple of days I will contact the vet.  So far he has been doing well and has maintained his appetite.  

My other dog Kiara who is 5 has always been very close and wanted to work with only me.  We are currently in the process of moving, boxes are being packed and moved out of the house.  She watches as we do it and you would almost think that she is saying with her look, “OK, what is going on now”.  Well on Saturday at classes she was off. Subtle but noticeable.  She was still a little food motivated but not her usual self.  She wanted to stay close however when class started and people started coming in she just sat there which is very unusual.  She is usually the police, barking when someone comes in and then will be good especially if they have food.  When class started she didn’t want to participate.  We managed to get her going with Agility.  She then growled at a client as they walked by after working with them for an hour during a private lesson.  Again I used food to motivate her as much as possible back to a normal state. We have another week to pack up and will be completely moved by mid March and then she will have to adjust to the new home.  I will continue to monitor her.  

Do the dogs get the blues?  Well the symptoms are not that different from what humans experience:  Lack of appetite, lethargy…just not being themselves.  It’s important to recognize these and other symptoms.  Here’s a handy chart to refer to when your doggie gets the blues:



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