Dogs: 27,000 years old

Our family dog is 27,000 years old?

According to many scientific sources and research, the animal we fondly refer to as ‘our pet dog’ became domesticated from their direct wolf ancestors over 27,000 years ago.  Did humans domesticate wolves or did wolves help humans to become more domestic and less nomadic?  In the arcane world of both human and animal geneology and sociology, this is a hotly contested debate.  What is not debatable however is the fact that sometime around 27,000 years ago our human and wolf ancestors changed their relationship leading the wild, untamed wolf to evolve into the domestic dog we love today:


This summer during the super uncomfortable heat spells we’ve experienced in the GTA, it seemed as if every one of the dog breeds shown above were here enjoying themselves in our air conditioned space.  We loved seeing that:  Dogs playing and interacting with each other and with us.  I like to think it would have been a similar scene 27,000 years ago…OK, maybe a little bit wilder.


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