A dog’s life – Enjoying class with my friends

Just after I moved in with my new family, they told me I had a little bit of ‘an attitude’.  Well I disagreed of course…hey…I was just a puppy and I was in a new, unfamiliar home.  OK, maybe I was a little unruly and didn’t always come when they called me but then we were still learning about each other.  So they contacted Arlene at The Dog Stop to find out which of the dog training programs would be best for me and my new family.

After they sent in the Training Form with all the particulars, I overhead them speaking with Arlene about the challenges they were facing with me:  I wouldn’t sit or stay and I did like jumping up when I was excited. Arlene recommended something called Basic Obedience and that’s where I found myself the very next week.

I was a little apprehensive at first…hey, I was just getting used to my new family and home and here I was in a strange new environment with this new person, Arlene.  But it was nice:  Great, big, neat and tidy.  That was my first impression of The Dog Stop dog training centre.  And who are these other nice dogs?…hmmm…maybe this will be OK after all.


Basic Training


So I’m enjoying my time at The Dog Stop in this Basic Training program.  I’ve been wearing this funny thing called a GoPro so watch out in the upcoming weeks for some dogs-eye-view video.  Now that’s going to be fun!


At The Dog Stop we are dedicated to ensuring that you and your dog have a long and healthy relationship.  Dog training for every age and stage for your dog.  Visit our Training page for details:  The Dog Stop Training.