Happy dog = Happy life

Happy Dog
Happy Dogs!
A tired dog = a happy dog = a happy life with your family pet.  What makes a happy dog?  That’s someting we think about that all the time.  Here’s our experience.
Your dog is happiest when he or she is healthy.  Both physically and mentally. Give your dog the nutrition that’s appropriate for age, stage and breed.  And make sure it’s the right amount for each meal.  Don’t give them a treat  for no reason; use it as an opportunity to do some training.
Mental exercise can be more tiring than physical and will definitely help with high energy dogs believe it or not.  Getting outside and training during your walks is a great multitasking exercise:  you and your dog get physical exercise as well as mental stimulation.  Taking them to new places with new environments and people.  That’s what our Social Obedience class is all about. There should always be time for play, fetch swimming or whatever is available following or during your walks. Teaching your dog a new trick is fun for the both of you as you work on it until you both get it:
  • Keep your dog healthy with regular visits to the Vet.  Write down any changes in their health so you remember for their next visit.
  • Socialize your dog.  Dogs are social beings and enjoy being around other dogs and people.  They need regular interaction for their emotional well-being.  If you are time-pressed, take advantage of a Day Training program we offer here at The Dog Stop which includes social outings,  training with our trainer and daycare.  If you have more time join our Social Obedience class which includes outings to different places as well as obedience during the classes.  Doggie day care is also an option if your dog has to spend long stretches of time alone during the day.
  • Train your dog.  A big challenge in dog behaviours is treating your dog consistently.  One tone of voice for giving commands;  another for praise.  Inconsistency with this  leads to confusion.  How does the dog know what they are suppose to do?  We have Training Programs for puppies right through to older dogs that help both you and your dog.  Related to this is working to stay calm and assertive around your dog.  Dogs need leadership and to know they are safe and not socializing them can lead to fear aggression, fear of the unknown can be very scarey.  Not all dogs are alike.  Some will be the social butterfly while others will just want to hang out.  Like people, dogs they have their own personalities which you will need to relate to.  Don’t force your dog into something that they are uncomfortable with like taking them to a dog park and letting them fend for themselves.  This is not what we mean by socializing even though some owners may try and convince you of that.  In a controlled class environment they are being socialized on leash and with people places and other dogs and this will help. Ask our current participants in our Social Obedience class how it has helped both the owner are their dog.
  • Keep your dog safe.  It goes without saying (although we don’t mind repeating ourselves):  don’t leave your dog inside your vehicle on a summer day.  You shouldn’t do this any time of year but hot conditions are at their most extreme in the summer. Keep your dog on a leash when walking outside of leash-free zones. Crate or limit access when they are home alone so they cannot get into anything  If your dog is outside during the warmer months, make sure they have shade and water.
A Tired dog = a Happy dog = a Happy life really is a three-way street.  They’ll thank you for it and you’ll get to experience their joy.


At The Dog Stop we are dedicated to ensuring that you and your pet have a long and healthy relationship.  We offer training for every age and stage for your dog.  Visit our Training page for details:  The Dog Stop Training.