How cold is too cold?

As the temperatures dip and rise sporadically this winter, it can make us feel that spring is almost here!

Though we are in the second half of winter, it’s important to know safety measures for cold temperatures.

That’s why we want to remind you of how freezing temperatures can impact your dog. As the chart below indicates, this is based on the size of your dog, the thickness of their fur, whether wet weather is present, and whether your dog is acclimated to cold weather (the chart was created by Dr. Kim Smyth for a blog post on cold weather risks for dogs).

How cold is too cold for your dog? Use this infographic from Petplan pet insurance to find out!

Safety Measures at The Dog Stop

At the Dog Stop, we ensure that dogs are supervised by staff when they are taken outside to do their business. Dogs are never sent out on their own, and we never leave the outside doors open for the dogs to come in and out as they please. The dogs are given the opportunity to be outside but only for short periods so they will never experience the risk of being in cold weather.  

Certified Pet First Aid Course

Our upcoming Certified Pet First Aid course on March 3rd will provide the information you need to know about how to prevent illness injuries and much more.  Contact us today at 905-822-5885 to register.

Dog Daycare and Training Programs

Investing in booties or a coat for your dog can ensure that they stay protected while out in the cold.   If it is too cold to be outside, our Dog Daycare and Training Programs can help ensure that they get enough exercise during these winter months! If you would like to sign your dog up for Daycare or Training please complete our online form, Daycare Program Form. We will then be in contact to register.