It’s a dog’s life

CaptureIt’s a dog’s life…and I love it.

Many years ago this very nice family adopted me and brought me into their home. I was unsure at first what with all the kindness and love they showered on me. They cuddled and hugged and wanted to play all the time! I could never get any rest! At first it was a little overwhelming but they then contacted The Dog Stop to meet the trainer. Her name was Arlene and she was so nice.  At first I thought she was ignoring me but she said she was getting to know me.

Arlene explained to my family, how they needed to ensure that I was safe by providing structure and a daily pattern so I knew what to expect.  She said that the training that was being provided was just as much for them as it was for me.  My family would be spending even more time with me in classes learning how to provide structure as well after we would be playing a game.  After that I could get some hugs and spend the evening relaxing in my crate.  Arlene also suggested that I attend something called daycare. She said that it would be helpful so I could get use to other dogs in a controlled environment where the staff would ensure that I was not overwhelmed as well as advocate for me should I get fearful.    

My family told me that they were taking me to a place that I might not be fond of. They called it the Vet (but I call her the Dog Doctor) and said it was to ensure I was healthy and up to date with vaccines. Arlene suggested  that my family take me there for random visits so I could get use to going.  I now visit the vet regularly even when I am not sick or need vaccines to get a treat or get weighed; I really love going. Once when I got really sick as I ate something I shouldn’t have they rushed  me off to a place called the  “Emergency Vet”.  Unfortunately because I had ingested some clothing they had to keep me in a few nights to ensure there was no blockage.  Luckily it passed through or I would have had to have surgery.  Arlene told my owners that they needed to ensure that I was crated if they could not supervise me so that this couldn’t happen again.

I’m a little older now and some of the kids in my family have grown and moved out. I miss them but I love seeing them when they come home to visit.  I don’t mind not being so active either…I quite like having my days to myself to sleep and eat and go for my regular walks or spend a day at daycare. I still like getting outside though, especially when the weather is sunny and warm.   I also still do training I am in a class called Social Obedience.  We do more than the basic stuff I learned when I first went now we do so many fun things like going through the trails, visiting our local plazas and when the weather isn’t nice our class is held inside. For our inside classes it is very exciting some days we use the Agility equipment (the tunnel is my  favourite) and I am learning something new called Rally O it is just my speed 🙂

I could go on…I do like to do that…but I’ve got to get my morning nap in. Talk again soon…


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