Keep your dog cool

Staying Cool

Keeping your dog cool is an ongoing responsibility as a dog owner.  The heat and especially the humidity of the summer is especially challenging especially when you and your family want to get outside and enjoy the great summer weather. Keeping out of the mid-day sun and heat should be justcommon sense!  And leaving your dog in the car…there are only two words for that: Cruel and Inhumane!  So here are some tips on how to keep your dog cool:

  1. Be aware of the signs of heat exhaustion.  Dogs are covered in fur.  That’s great in the winter but it exaggerates heat retention in the summer.  Since dogs pant to stay cool, look for excessive panting, laboured breathing, mild weakness, drooling and increased respiratory rate.  More severe symptoms include body temperature above 104 degrees, seizures and vomiting.
  2. Watch out for the sun.  Especially during mid-day hours, limit exercise and physical exertion outside. Keep your dog inside and cool during the day and plan walks in the early morning and later evening during the cooler times of day when the sun in less intense.
  3. Hot surfaces.  Pets don’t wear shoes.  Walking on hot ashphalt and concrete can burn the pads of their paws.  And this is also important at the beach.  We wear shoes to deal with the hot sand and rocks…our dog can’t.
  4. Leave your dog at home.  Especially on really sunny, hot and humid day.  It’s tempting to take your dog with you in the car while doing chores.  Not a good idea ever!  High air temperatures combined with the effects of solar heating quickly turn your vehicle into an oven.  Yes you want to spend time with your dog but your dog will thank you for leaving them inside at home on a hot day.
  5. Hydrate.  Then hydrate some more.  Make sure your dog has fresh supplies of cool water all throughout the day. Watch out for dehydration.


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