My First Dog

Do you remember your first Dog?  Susan does and she shared her story with us:

DuchessHer name was Duchess.  She was a cross between a Black Lab and Golden Retriever and had the most gentle disposition.  It was years ago but it seems like yesterday she was standing inside the front door welcoming us home.

Duchess was with us for nearly 10 years and was a big part of our life into my early teens.  Every evening after supper she was totally content to sit by my feet while I did homework while watching TV.

Sometimes we took her for granted.  She was so easy to please and undemanding.  On those occasions I’d feel guilty when I ignored her.  A few minutes gently scratching her ears and all was forgiven.

Duchess had a pretty spoiled life.  She had free rein within our fenced-in backyard and loved chasing after my sisters and I as we played outside.  She loved running through the sprinkler which did not impress Mom who insisted she stay outside until completely dry.

It was a sad day when Duchess left us.  I’ve had other pets since then but my memories of life with her are indelible.

Thanks for sharing your story Susan.  If you have a story about your first Dog, we’d love to hear it.  Send to us at


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