New Training Programs

“I’m a busy mom of 4 kids and I have a 5 month old Golden Doodle. It is very hard to manage such a busy household so the last thing I wanted was a disobedient dog. At times I wanted to give him up because it was getting to much to handle. I did some research and came across The Dog Stop. From the first meeting I had with Arlene I knew it was the right place. Now with only 3 training sessions I am very happy with the results. My dog is more calm and I have more control of him. Arlene, fantastic job! I am really Looking forward to continue with the training”.

We received the above message from Carla about her recent experience at The Dog Stop.  Thanks for sharing Carla. Hearing these stories is very gratifying…its why we love what we do!

Recently we’ve been busy developing new Training Programs tailored to you and your dog! All of our Training Programs are detailed below.

As well we’ve developed a new flexible group class pass system.  Purchase 5, 10, 15 or 20 passes and use toward the classes you wish.  Contact us for details: or 905 822 5885.

How does our training work?  These four easy steps will get you started:

  • Consultation with the Trainer by phone or in person
  • Arrange meeting to review options for training
  • Launch your training plan suited to you and your dog
  • Maintain your plan for you and your dog for life!

Here are dates and times for upcoming Training Programs:

Puppy Progress – Starting July 11

  • Saturday 11am

Social Obedience – Starting July 4

  • Saturday or Sunday at 9 am
  • Wednesday at 6:30 pm

Fun Agility – Starting July 11

  • Saturday 12:15 pm

Advanced Fun Agility – Starting July 11

  • Saturday 1:30 pm

Training pass programs

Social Obedience classes 16 weeks and up, consultation with trainer required, no minimun passes

Exposing your dog to the real world and teaching them to be a calm respectful and happy member of your family is the ultimate goal of most owners. Our social obedience classes help you to achieve this goal, group classes in different locations twice weekly with humans and dogs and a whole lot more.

kiara puppyPuppy Progress 2nd set of shots – 16 weeks, minimum 5 passes

Teach your puppy from the start so that they can progress into a loving well behaved family pet. Learn how puppies communicate, why touch is so important, how to use food in their training, crate training, house breaking, socialization and obedience. Follow this class up with the Social Obedience classes for effective ongoing socialization.




Fun Agility minimum 5 passes

Fun, exercise and spending time with your dog learning jumps and tunnels and more. A minimum of 4 consecutive classes will get you going and then you can decide your ultimate destination.

Advanced Fun Agility Prerequisite Fun Agility. No minimun pass

Lots more fun, exercise and spending time with your dog learning new equipment and guiding your dog in handling around a course.


Program in development



A program designed with human and dog agility equipment to get you and your dog in shape! More details coming soon!

Non pass training programs, contact us for details and fees

Private lessons

Can’t make group classes but want to participate in training your dog? Need a few private lessons before attending social obedience classes? Private lessons allow you to be involved in the training and set a schedule based on you and your trainer’s availability.

Day training

Don’t have time to participate in training? Have the trainer work with your dog and teach them while you are at work. You can drop them off or use our pick up service, receive homework and attend social obedience classes to keep up the consistency.



Learn to Swim 4 private lessons

Dogs love to swim, that is once they are taught and after they are introduced properly the benefits are endless. Private lessons for your dog will help to teach him how to swim including safe entry and exit from your pool. Lessons include working with you once your dog is comfortable in the pool.


Walks n Wags Pet first aid

3yr certificate while enjoying our 10hr in depth course. From learning how to prevent illness and injuries to dealing with bleeding, broken bones, choking, CPR/AR and so much more. If you don’t know what to do if your pet is injured this is a course for you.


At The Dog Stop we are dedicated to ensuring that you and your pet have a long and healthy relationship.  We offer Walks N Wags Pet First Aid courses for Dogs and Cats. From learning how to prevent illness and injuries to dealing with bleeding, broken bones, choking, CPR/AR and so much more. We also offer Training Programs for every age and stage.