Social Obedience Membership

Social Obedience Membership.

We are working hard on changing our programs to meet with the clients needs and feedback. The Social Obedience Membership is our newest offering as we continue to introduce new programs.  We’ve had several inquiries regarding what’s involved in the Membership and wanted to clarify:

  • As this is a membership you can join and/or renew your membership at any time.
  • The membership consists of 10 passes and has a 3 month expiry. Any dates that are cancelled due to weather , absences of trainers will be added onto the membership.
  • Days and times will be determined in advance however may not be at the same time or day each weekend depending on scheduling.
  • Locations will be different each week.
  • If you will be joining us we would appreciate confirmation of attendance by Friday.
  • Dogs attending must have completed either group classes or private lessons. Please contact us if it is your first time attending.
  • Our new Facebook group “The Dog Stop – Social Obedience” will provide locations and times each week. You will need to join the group when you sign up for membership.


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