We found a big difference in his behaviour. He is starting to listen and we find him easy to train.


We think that Bailey is a better listener now. Lots of fun!


We adopted Freddy at 18 months. He was a gentle dog with people but not social with dogs (ie. barked during walks). He now walks with very little notice of other dogs. He also knew zero commands. Now he sits on command, stays in his place and drops objects with the OFF command.


Melvin was a bit hard to calm down before we took the class and now he’s easier to control and more attentive.


Prior to the basic training program, Lexi would try to bolt out the door for her walks, pulling on the leash throughout. The instructors gave great ideas and guidance on all aspects of basic training sessions skills, now we just need to practice, practice, practice, although we have seen great improvements! Highly recommend!


Arlene and Joanne were amazing with our hyper puppy. Took the time and attention we needed that was beyond just the basic training by giving so much advice in areas we were struggling with. Thank you for everything! Look forward to social obedience and agility training!


This is our third dog – first one we did training with, best decision ever! Such a joy to have a well trained dog.


Before training it was challenging to keep Juno’s habits organized and consistent. Through this program, Juno’s learnt essential basic skills that made out life easier and better. Juno was also able to build beneficial habits.


Hudson has more discipline and listens to both of us since enrolling in this course.


Wonderful atmosphere. Arlene is a sweetheart who really loves what she does.

Rhonda and Penny

Great basic learning. Very practical.

Jasper and Rene

We are much more confident dog owners now. Our dog is better socialized and understands basic commands. Previously she was very nervous with many new experiences and objects.


Trainer very informative and helpful.


Good recommendations and things to consider such as wording used and how to say it. Appreciated you getting Alyssa involved.


Jessie is listening more at home and reacting to the commands learned. Thank you!


Our dog was very anxious upon starting class and had trouble with several commands. He has certainly come a long way. Glad we chose The Dog Stop.

Basic Obedience participant

We are very happy with how Manuel has progressed. Before training he didn’t know commands and wouldn’t listen so he has come a long way and we are thrilled. We’ll continue with him.


Daisy is listening and focussing much better – life is less chaotic now! She loves to “work” so she’s happy training too.


We are very pleased with Charlie’s progress over the past 6 weeks. We noticed that he is listening better and focussing more. We will continue our training at home.


At the beginning I was skeptical that Atila would make any progress, after the first day of ignoring me and screaming bloody murder. But by the second class he was listening to me and stopped crying a lot. At week 6, he is doing most commands but I just need to practise my recall. Overall a great experience.


Overall a great training experience for both the dog and the owner. Teachers were extremely insightful and helpful! I would highly recommend. 🙂 Thank you!


It is the first husky we have and he is a big jump from our old Golden Retriever. We can slowly see improvement to our dog and will keep on training.

Cocoa and Gillian

After attending these classes we now understand our dog’s behaviour and how to correct it if necessary. Arlene is very clear and concise and overall is just a lovely person to work with.


It’s clear that Piper has benefited from her classes and has learned a great deal and so have we and the kids – which was really the best part: Arlene welcomed our whole family and we were able to learn together.

Piper Andrew Valerie Trinity Ethan

Rosie has made great progress and so have I. I have learned so much about how to train my dog and that I need to be consistent. Arlene was clear and direct about what we needed to do and we have done very well because of it.

Rosie and Stephanie

It has been very helpful to learn techniques to help calm a very excited dog and has made a difference at home. Thank you 🙂


Leo has come a long way since week one! Thank you for introducing all the training exercises. As a first-time owner it would be helpful to be more reminded of all the terms of commands and leash types but we really enjoyed it :). Thank you Arlene


Kilo is a big ball of energy. After the 6 weeks we have been able to better understand how to work with Kilo. The transitional leash has been a huge help in training! Thank you for all your help.

Maddie, Kilo and Zach

Pippa was hesitant to even walk on her leash prior to training. Arlene is patient and her training methods are excellent. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend The Dog Stop. Pippa walks at heel, sits, stays and is learning the come command to return. Thank you Arlene

Pippa and Chris