Arlene was excellent! She transformed our wild puppy into a well behaved dog.  Thanks for all the excellent advice and help.


My dog has improved on her obedience training and it has taught me to be consistent in my discipline with her.

Rowena & Robi

This is my first training classes with my 5 year old Goldendoodle.  I can see a huge difference from the first day I brought her in.  Heeling and stay were huge improvements for us.

Cecillia & Lucy

Before training Trooper always pulled while walking, almost too much to handle.  After the first lesson I saw improvement and it just got better each week.  As a first time dog owner, I can tell you this class is a must.  Everyone comments how well behaved Trooper is on our walks.  Thanks Arlene, we wouldn’t have done it without you.

Trooper & Sue

Luke has come along way. A puppy that would not walk on a leash to a great heeler.  He is now a pleasure to walk.


Luke and Todd

With a new puppy this course has been great for creating a consistent structure of training for our family to employ. :)

Eva and Nadia

Excellent course good focus on basics – well taught.

Glory & Melanie

Arlene is an excellent trainer. Very knowledgeable & patient. Jasper had a great time & by the end of the course he was a much better behaved puppy!

Jasper, Bobby & Agnes

I found this course very helpful.  It has helped me understand how to address certain problem behaviours and has given me the foundations
needed to work with Marlow.  We still have a ways to go but this class was a great start.

Marlow & Sneha

The Level 1 Obedience course was an extremely helpful course for Lily and me, Lily learned a series of basic commands and I learned the importance of  being consistent with her.  I have seen remarkable progress in my dog (and myself)!

Lily & Christy

Found this course to be essential for Jasper to become a well-behaved and much loved family pet with no stressful issues to deal with.

Jasper & Lucy

Callie has come a long way in just a few weeks.  Recommend this class!

Callie & Kathleen

Arlene you have offered personalized feedback to handler and redirected as needed.  You are extremely patient. Thank you for calming me down and helping me to handle Bear so his walks are far more enjoyable! Excellent course.

Bear & Linda

We really wanted to understand how to communicate to our newly adopted Beagle and this course worked beautifully.
Not only did he learn all the commands but its done wonders for our relationship with our new furry family member.  Thank you so much for a great experience!

Cody, Jessica & Giskard

Excellent training, good for the whole family.  Two boys learned a lot about how to work with our dog.

Tilley and Family

thank you so much for teaching me how to be a better Mom to Roxy. Because of the training we both find our walks to be more enjoyable.  Many people comment on Roxy’s well mannered behaviour.

Roxy and Christine

Excellent mix of practical and theory.  Arlene is an excellent teacher and is very good at motivating everyone and keeping us all on track.

Pepper and Family

We had been through another program with not much success.  We were extremely happy with the Dog Stop…small classes, tons of attention and our dog now listens to us.  Highly recommend it. Thanks

Jody and Ray

The Dog Stop was a wonderful experience for both humans and our puppy.  We learned a great deal about how we should behave while training, and now have the fundamentals to be able to practice and continue to teach Zira at home.  I would recommend The Dog Stop to anyone with a puppy or an adult dog who needs to start with the basics.  Zira has been a much easier dog to handle since starting training, and hopefully will continue to learn as we practice at home.  Thanks Arlene!

Melissa & Nik and Zira

Molly, our 8 month old Australian Shepherd recently completed Obedience Level 2 and Fun Agility Level 1 with Arlene.  I found both courses to be a wonderful learning experience.  Arlene’s low key style and gentle encouragement (for me as well as Molly!) helped to grow my confidence in working with the first dog I have ever owned from puppyhood.  Arlene has a positive and future oriented approach to training which encouraged me to keep trying!  I feel very comfortable with Molly now and committed to keeping up with the training. One of the most encouraging things Arlene said at our last obedience class was that any dog can be trained and at any age.  This training was the best investment I have made with my dog!