Winterizing your Dog

Keeping your dog safe when the temperature plunges in the winter is a concern especially with the extreme cold temperatures and wind chills we have experienced recently.  We note sever conditions and ‘bundle up’ to go outside.  That should be common practice when taking your dog out as well.

One of the important things to keep in mind is that while fur is an effective insulator, it isn’t perfect.  In extreme cold conditions and especially when fur gets wet, your dog needs extra help to keep warm.  It may be a challenge to dress your dog in a coat and booties but it’s worth it.

Equally important is to stay close.  You and your dog love your long walks but you have to adjust your time outdoors based on the conditions.  Staying close is the only way to do that:  Dressing your dog then letting them outside without supervision is not a good idea.

For more information on how to keep your dog safe during the winter, here is a good article:  Pet Winter Safety.

And when it just gets too challenging to go outside, contact us to arrange to a visit to our Heated, Indoor Facility at the Oakville/Mississauga border.   Check our web site or contact us directly at 905 822 5885 or to arrange a daycare or training visit.  

Winterizing your dog!  It will be supremely appreciated.


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