At The Dog Stop, our passion for dogs and their owners is what drives us to offer exceptional Dog Training and Dog Daycare services at our Centre, spanning over 4,400 sq. ft. Equipped with climate control technology, our facility ensures that dogs receive the utmost comfort.

The Dog Stop offers a range of Dog Training Programs to assist you in achieving your goals with your canine companion. Our programs include Dog Obedience, Day Training, Agility, and Private Dog Training.

At our Doggie Daycare, your dog will receive a healthy dose of structure, exercise, and socialization. Our dedicated staff will provide attentive care, treating your dog with the same love and care that they give their own pets.

Our state-of-the-art Dog Centre spans over 4,400 sq. ft. and features climate-controlled environments to ensure optimal comfort for your furry companion. Our daycare areas are thoughtfully designed with separate sections for small and large dogs, while our bathing and nail trimming area accommodates dogs of all sizes.

At The Dog Stop, every member of our staff is certified in Pet First Aid, ensuring that your dog receives the highest level of care. We treat every dog with the same love, respect, and understanding that we would give to our own pets. 

The Dog Stop:  Caring for your dog as we do our own!

We recognize that every dog is unique, possessing its own individual personality, energy level, and distinctive characteristics. As such, we make every effort to accommodate these differences and tailor our care to meet each dog’s specific needs.


Arlene Kiley – The Dog Stop Owner

Arlene Kiley – Owner

While working in the Finance industry as a Director of Client service and adopting a dog who had leash reactivity,  Arlene decided that working with dogs and their owners was going to be her chosen path.  In 2008, Arlene left … Read More