The secret to effective Dog Training

Every dog owner wants a well trained dog.  We hear that every day, especially having a socially obedient dog. “Well behaved” is the goal of most of our customers when they’ve signed up and taken one of our Dog Training courses.  Here what some of them had to say recently:
  • “Arlene is very consistent, firm and fair”, noted Laura.  “We would definitely recommend this program (Obedience Level 1) … the techniques are very effective”
  • “Arlene is strict but definitely what Sammy and I needed”, Megan reported.  “She got us motivated to succeed…I would recommend to everyone!”
  • “Eko has come a long way from her first class.  The best outcome is when we take her for walks:  She walks by our sides, doesn’t chase cars anymore and is a delight to walk with”
  • Tracey shared her experience, “Delilah before the class was very naughty…she did not listen to us at all!  With the training we learned commands that worked!  WE will keep practicing everything we learned”

The secret to effective dog training? Consistency and continuing to challenge your dog with training classes! If they don’t USE IT they will LOSE IT.

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At The Dog Stop we are dedicated to ensuring that you and your pet have a long and healthy relationship.  Training Programs are for every age and stage: Training your dog and having fun should be for life.  If they don’t USE IT they will LOSE IT!   Click here for details:  Training Programs.