We completed a Dog training course but our dog isn’t trained.

dog-trainingHave you completed a Dog Training course and your dog isn’t trained and you wonder why?  Many people get a puppy and look to start an obedience course.  They search the internet and sign up for a course.  They go weekly, complete the course and think great we are done; we will keep it up at home.   For the first few weeks they will try and keep up with the training but then life gets busy and they miss a few days and then stop training with their dog all together.

Like humans, dogs will lose what they have learned if they don’t use it.  Consistency is key and training needs to be a lifelong commitment.  It helps to take a training course to start however you have to maintain the training and challenge your dog for life.  After completing an obedience course you should continue taking more courses, whether it is the next level of obedience or a different type of training course like Agility or a Tricks class.  The key is to keep your dog’s mind active; training is exercise and is tiring for your dog.

It is good to attend classes as it makes you accountable and you will enjoy practicing and showing off what your dog can do each week.   It is a great way to create friendships for both you and your dog and being in a class helps to motivate you to keep up with your training.   You can feel good that you are maintaining and having fun with your dog.

A trained dog is a happy dog with a happy owner.

The Dog Stop is a Dog Training centre which offers a variety of courses for you and your dog.