Back to School

Back-to-school-dog-blogIt’s back to school…and not just for the kids!  Our Dog Training Classes include Basic Obedience, Social Obedience, Fun Agility, Advanced Fun Agility and of course Pet First Aid.  If it’s time for the kids to get back to school, don’t forget about the other member of your family, your dog!  Details on all our Dog Training programs and classes are at this link:  The Dog Stop Dog Training Classes.  

But even though the CNE closes this evening and school starts up again on Tuesday, we had one heck of a summer. Great weather with one of the sunniest and hottest on record in the GTA in years. That meant taking special care with your dog: Keeping them out of the mid-day sun, hydrated and of course not in a hot, locked car! lots of time with family and friends.  But before we bid summer goodbye, here’s a look back at some of the favourite blog posts from the Summer of 2016:

  • It’s not just the kids who get nervous at their first day of classes.  Dogs and their owners do too.  Here’s what it’s like for one dog:  First day at Dog Training Class.
  • We use the saying when we refer to the hot, lazy mid-summer days.  But do we know what it really means?  Here’s one definition:  The Dog Days of Summer.
  • Although there were many good times with family and friends, we experienced a loss this summer.  We know it has to happen and it’s hard to deal with but.  This past summer it was time to say Goodbye my Heart Dog.

Yes it will be a busy morning Tuesday as we all shake off the ‘summer head’ and get back to school.  But don’t worry, you’ll get through it!


At The Dog Stop we are dedicated to ensuring that you and your dog have a long and healthy relationship. Dog training for every age and stage for your dog.  Visit our Training page for details: The Dog Stop Training.