First day at Dog Training Class

13227182_10153683560971245_4624048715274741992_nOn my first day of Dog Training Class I was a little nervous.  I didn’t know what to expect and I wasn’t sure how to behave. What if the other dogs didn’t like me?  What if I didn’t like them?

I’d met Arlene and her team at The Dog Stop a week earlier when we went in to enroll in the Basic Obedience Dog Training class. She seemed like a nice dog trainer but you never know…first impressions can be misleading.  The Dog Stop Centre was pretty nice though:  lots of space (they told me over 4,000 square feet…whatever that means) and it was air-conditioned! Whew…we came in on a super hot day and it sure was nice and cool inside.

My family spent some time with Arlene getting me fully signed up.  They checked that I had all my shots (I did) and if I had any special needs (I didn’t).  But they had to ask…don’t want any surprises in class.  When we left I overheard them saying they’d see us in a week.

Truth be told, I completely forgot that I’d been enrolled in the Basic Obedience Dog Training class once I got back home.  I was blissfully enjoying the summer-like weather completely oblivious to my impending first day at Dog Training Class.  So you can imagine my surprise when after the short car ride we arrived at The Dog Stop.  I wanted to run back to the car!  Thankfully I didn’t though…Arlene and her team gave me another warm welcome, got us settled and off we went!  Hmmm…I thinkI’m going to like this Dog Training Class after all…


At The Dog Stop we are dedicated to ensuring that you and your dog have a long and healthy relationship.  Dog training for every age and stage for your dog.  Visit our Training page for details:  The Dog Stop Training.