Day Training: What it IS, what it is NOT

Day Training is a way to get your dog trained while you are at work, usually two to three days a week. A trainer works with your dog during the day on the commands that are customized based on the clients needs. If the dog is suitable for daycare they will also have some time to interact with other dogs off leash This will help the dog come along faster. We understand with our busy lives, although our intentions are good, at times we just can’t fit that extra training session into our schedule and this is where day training is a great option.

However this type of training is not solely completed by the trainer. It is not without any work from the client. The client is provided homework that they need to work on and discuss with the trainer either in person or over email how the dog did and what should be given more effort at home. There must be a group effort with owner and trainer and a consistent approach for your dog to respond and retain what has been taught. It is great when the dog listens to its trainer but don’t you want them to listen to you and behave well when the trainer isn’t around?

Day Training is a great option if your schedule doesn’t allow you to be able to attend a class or arrange some private sessions and can help your dog learn quicker.

Here’s Day Training client Yoda doing remote collar recall:

Happy Training!


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