Don’t have time to participate in group or private training?

Have a Trainer work with your dog and teach them while you are at work.  Your dog will work individually on all commands with the trainer.  For socialization your dog will work with the Trainers dog as well.  Your dog will also be assessed for Daycare and participate when not training.  Training onsite and offsite through trails, stores, parks for various distractions depending on the weather and training required.  You will receive homework after your private lessons to maintain the training and enjoy email support following that for your dog’s lifetime.

NEW  The Basics Leash work
2 days one week apart

Loose Leash walking,  Introduction to Place and Paper plate recall.Daycare, Training collar, Pouch
The trainer will choose a training collar to work with your dog.  Loose leash walking, place and paper plate recall will be introduced over the two days.  We will progress over the 2 days based on the individual dog.  A training  session for the owner will be completed at pickup each day.
Dogs may attend daycare at regular daycare rates in between the sessions.
$50 off Social Obedience 3 month or 1 year membership for one month upon completion.  

The Basics 
3 days each week for 2 weeks

Sit, Release, Loose leash walking,  Introduction to Place, Paper plate recall and Long line Recall.
Email support on the commands for the lifetime of your dog.
Daycare, training collar, long line, pouch.

Your dog will start working with the trainer on the basics and be provided with detailed homework .  At the end of all sessions a private lesson will be arranged to go over all training.  

Everyday common problems will also be addressed.

We will progress each day based on the individual dog.  Each day consists of training 3-4 times throughout the day onsite and offsite with rest & daycare time.

Dogs may attend daycare at regular daycare rates in between sessions.
$75 off Social Obedience 1 year membership for one month after completion.