Why The Dog Stop’s Daycare is right for you and your dog!

Selecting the right Dog Day Care can enhance your dog’s well-being and experiences.
The Dog Stop offers a daycare environment for socialization, training and grooming with a small retail area making it an all-inclusive facility.


Why The Dog Stop Daycare is right for you and your dogThe Dog Stop offers a structured daycare environment which is run by a professional dog trainer. This ensures that your pets are cared for by matching personalities and proper rest and play with each other. We provide enrichment activities appropriate to the dogs, bubble themes, agility, play structures. We do not provide toys due to cross contamination and potential for guarding. Our daycare is based around the fact that dogs love to socialize with each other whether playing or just hanging out, they form bonds with their friends and humans. All new dogs in our daycare are assessed to ensure they are suitable for the daycare. They are introduced one by one into a group of dogs. We assess their comfortability not only with dogs but with staff. Staff will treat your dog as if it were there own. For all dogs we advocate whether they are shy or a little to rambunctious upon entry we work with them and group them accordingly.

The Dog Stop also provides a safe environment with dogs separated into two rooms one for small/med dogs and puppies and one for large dogs. Supervision in each room is our top priority. We have outside potty areas for both rooms that are attached to the daycare so that we have minimal accidents inside. Clients work hard to potty train their dogs and this allows their dogs to maintain the same as they would have at home.

During play the dogs are monitored to ensure that it is controlled, so that excitement doesn’t turn into something more, if they start to become overly excited, they will be given a break in play then allowed to rejoin. We also will report to clients any unusual behaviour in the daycare.

Safety is our priority ensuring that dogs are grouped properly, feeding is done with all dogs in their own crate/stall. Following lunch the dogs are left to rest ensuring settled stomachs and recharge for those that do not have lunch for their next play session.

First Aid

If there are any issues that are encountered with your dog be assured that staff will attend to your dog immediately and will be in contact with you and provide updates. All staff at the Dog Stop are Pet First Aid Certified with a 3 yr certificate through Walks N Wags a national recognized program .

Bath, Brushout and Nail trims

The Dog Stop offers grooming services including Bath Brushouts and Nail trims while your dog attends daycare. Your dog can have a spa day anytime they are attending daycare.


The Dog Stop is conveniently located of the QEW in Mississauga at the Oakville border, whether you live or work near we are easily accessible.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a daycare that is right for your dog The Dog Stop is an all inclusive facility that is conveniently located, has activities for all dogs and staff that will treat your dog as they would their own.