The secret to a well-behaved dog

Well-behaved dog

Who doesn’t want a well-behaved dog as part of the family? Often through trial-and-error, listening to advice from family and friends and with a lot of frustration, dog owners think they are “training” their dog. It doesn’t have to be that way. Spending the time and energy to get your dog properly trained is the best way. You’ll minimize the time and frustration, bond more closely with your dog and that will lead to a better relationship for you and your family.

Here at The Dog Stop we’re all about dogs! We’re dog lovers and owners and live to see our dog owners enjoying their own dogs. We’ve got a large, indoor heated and air conditioned centre on the border of South Mississauga and Oakville. You can drop your dog off for our Day Training/Daycare program or join one of our training classes once weekly at our centre. Our advanced social obedience program is held both indoors and outdoors for the best socialization program exposing the dog to new experiences.

A big part of what our customers love us for is the training we offer. We’ll take care of you from your first days with your new puppy through Puppy, Basic and Social obedience training and also offer a Day Training/Daycare program. We cover every stage through your dog’s life with the goal helping you help your dog to be a well-behaved and healthy member of your family. All the details on our training programs are here: Training Programs.

And the secret to getting all the training to work for you? You have to be consistent. You need to apply what you learn in our training classes every day and in every situation so that your dog learns what to expect from you. Dogs need a leader and you are it! You have to lead them to becoming a well behaved part of your family and society.

We’re always just a phone call or email away. If you have any questions or want to talk about our Training Programs whether it be Day Training or Group or Private classes contact us today.


At The Dog Stop we are dedicated to ensuring that you and your pet have a long and healthy relationship.  We offer training for every age and stage for your dog.  Visit our Training page for details:  The Dog Stop Training.