What to consider before you bring a dog into your family?

When we decide it is time for a dog in our life, there are many things that should be considered.  Do you have the time and finances to devote to the care and upbringing of a dog? 

Dogs require alot; consistent exercise, stimulation both mental and physical, vet visits (sometimes unexpected), food, toys and Dog Training classes for both you and your dog.  Changes will be needed to your schedule in order to accommodate the dog.  You will need to consider waking  up earlier and multiple times at night at first.  Also consider you may wake up  to an accident or two, in their crate, not fun but it can happen.  You will need to take them out first thing in the morning whether it is sunny, rainy or below zero temperatures.    Daily training will be required,  irregardless of what kind of day you have had.   You may need to invest in a Dog walker or Doggie Daycare. If you live with family or friends, you will need to ensure that everyone is on the same page, knows the schedule for everything about the puppy, feeding, potty breaks, exercise and supervision.  If you live alone,  all of the above will need to be done by you, therefore your schedule will be  a lot different than what you are accustomed to.  

In addition, when we bring a dog into our lives, we are taking on the role of guardian and leader.   A puppy or even a rescued older dog needs guidance, constant supervision, structure and affection.  We sometimes underestimate the role of leader as it can be a lot of work and not what we envisioned when we thought of bringing a cute cuddly puppy or newly rescued dog into our lives. It means supervision, crate training, potty training, grooming, mental and physical exercise and affection for your dog at the appropriate time.

For many of us, we require some teaching to take on this role of guardian with leadership.  The Dog Stop offers several courses to help you with your dog from puppy to adulthood.  Our Basic Obedience Dog Training course is the best place to start your new role off right!   Whether you have a puppy, or a newly acquired rescue investing in a course can allow you to develop leadership skills and confidence.   How long should you wait to start? If you have or are getting a puppy or rescuing a dog you should contact us immediately.  We have ongoing classes that are offered and if you are in between our class offerings we can offer some private sessions to get you started, before the next class date.   

Owning a dog is a life long commitment, do your research, plan ahead and get ready for some changes and you will experience unconditional love for the lifetime of your dog!.  

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