What Dog Training classes should I take?

So you have gotten a dog and are so excited to get going with training.  You did your research, decided to get a puppy, youth or senior dog and now you don’t know what Dog Training classes to sign up for.   Looking online you have so many choices and don’t know which to choose.  

At the Dog Stop, we are excited to help you with your training needs for your new dog.  We always suggest with most dogs to start with the Basics.  If the puppy is younger than our Basic Obedience class requirement we do offer a private session until they are old enough.  If your dog has taken some Obedience courses at another facility,  we will be happy to do a free consultation,  at our facility,  to decide on the best option.   We have a variety of dog training program options to learn the basics including our Basic Obedience group class, our Private one on one training or our Day Training program.  It will all depend on your time, budget,  preferred way of learning and what is best for your dog.  

Basic Obedience
This course is a group class that will teach you and your dog the Basics.  We will cover walking on leash, coming when called, puppy crate training,  potty training, game playing and more.  Problem behaviours such as jumping up,  and what many call play biting (with puppy sharp teeth) are also discussed.  Our course is 6 weeks long and we limit class size to 6 so that you can get the attention you need.  After completing this course you can then enrol in Social Obedience, Fun Agility or our new Tricks and Sniff class. 

Private Dog Training program
If you wish to have even more one on one dog training our 4 session Private Obedience program held at our facility, is what you will need.  It includes what our Basic Obedience group class offers in a private class with you and your dog only.   It offers more flexibility as the lesson time is booked based on you and your trainers availability each week.   After completing this course you can enrol in Social Obedience, Fun Agility or our new Tricks and Sniff class.  

Day Training
If your time is very limited our Day Training program will help to provide training and socialization taylored to your dog’s needs.  While you are at work, a trainer will work with your dog during the weekdays including socialization in the daycare.  You will be kept up to date on what your dog is learning  and will be provided with some homework to stay on track in between sessions.  You will then have a private one on one training session at the end of training and have email support for your dogs lifetime on the training that was completed.  After completing this program you can enrol in Social Obedience, Fun Agility or any other program we offer.  

Still have questions regarding what Dog Training classes to take, complete  our online submission form The Dog Stop Training and a Trainer will contact you to discuss your best options.