unnamedThink outside the box:  Dog training for the rest of us – September 23 – 25, 2016.  This workshop is for dog owners and dog trainers interested in learning to “think outside the box” when working with dogs.  This is not your traditional dog training workshop! Through a variety of short lectures and hands on exercises, participants will be laying the foundation for a play-centric approach to dog training.

This workshop will focus on teaching you, the handler, the skills necessary to communicate effectively with your dog in a positive, relationship-centric fashion.  You will learn how to train through the practical application of motivation, tricks (yep, obedience is just another trick!), and games.  You will develop a brand new set of skills which you can apply to quickly and reliably teach your dog valuable life skills!

“As an added bonus, participants will enjoy a session learning about the application of non-verbal communication in training.  Friday afternoon will be spent interacting with horses, learning how body language and spatial pressure can be used effectively in training dogs.”

About the presenter:

Danielle Beauregard is the owner and head trainer of Positive Changes Dog Training in Ottawa, ON. Danielle draws on her formal education in Behaviour as well as over 20 years of training experience with both horses and dogs, to bring a unique approach to her work with her students, both human and canine. Danielle’s dog training method is no method at all!  It is fun, interactive, and produces consistent, reliable results time after time.  

Danielle shares her home with 8 dogs and 4 cats.  She and her dogs actively participate in a variety of dog sports, earning titles and championships on a regular basis.  Her 57 acre hobby farm is also home to 4 horses, a small flock of sheep, one cow, and several chickens, all of whom have been trained by Danielle for various tricks.  Just because.  ?

For more information about Danielle & her dogs, please visit Positive Changes 


Working spots (with dog): $399 (hst included)
Non working spots: $299 (hst included)

*Payable via Phone with Visa, Mastercard or eTransfer

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