Arlene Kiley – Owner

While working in the Finance industry as a Director of Client service and adopting a dog who had leash reactivity,  Arlene decided that working with dogs and their owners was going to be her chosen path.  In 2008, Arlene left the Finance industry to take a formal apprenticeship program in Dog Obedience and Behaviour.  In 2009, Arlene opened Walk this Way Ok,  a private obedience company where she trained dogs and owners in their homes. Along with the private lessons Arlene facilitated group classes at a Dog training facility.

In Sept 2011, Arlene opened The Dog Stop Training and Daycare centre.  Arlene believes that every dog is unique and has it own personality and therefore training should be structured yet flexible to fit the dog and their owners’ goals.  

Arlene believes that life long learning should not only be for the dogs and their owners but also herself.   Arlene will continue to seek out unique opportunities in gaining knowledge, through attending and hosting various workshops to help you achieve your goals with your dogs.  Outside of work Arlene enjoys hiking with her two dogs Kiara,  who has grown up at The Dog Stop and Sadie who was adopted from a former client when she was 3.   Arlene’s dogs both have their own unique personalities.