10 Interesting dog facts

What’s the most popular dog breed?  Do dogs get jealous?  Why do dogs spin in circles before settling down? These are just some of the interesting and lovable facts about our dogs:

  1. Why do dogs have wet noses?  Dogs have wet noses because it helps them absorb scent chemicals
  2. How powerful is a dog’s sense of smell?  Significantly more sensitive than ours.  A dog’s sense of smell is over 10,000 more sensitive than a human’s
  3. Why do dogs curl up to sleep?  It’s the same reason for humans:  An age-old instinct to keep warm and protect vital organs
  4. Do dogs get jealous?  Actually yes!  When our dogs see us showing affection toward another dog or even another person, they can get jealous that the attention has shifted from them
  5. What’s the most popular dog breed?  Lots of dog breeds are popular but the most popular dog breed in North America is the Labrador
  6. Why do dogs spin around in circles before settling down?  Your dog is making a home. This is a carryover from living in the wild
  7. How many words can dogs recognize?  More than you think.  Dogs can understand approximately 150 words
  8. Why does a dog have whiskers?  Dog whiskers are sensing devices.  Some dogs even use their whiskers to see if they’ll fit into tight spaces
  9. How can you help your dog overcome separation anxiety?  Leave a piece of clothing that smells like you. The scent will comfort them
  10. Can you lower your blood pressure by petting your dog?  Yes!

And that’s why we love our dogs.



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