Benefits of owning a dog

11755392_857538637627911_508871916015311108_nCompanionship, unfailing devotion, a welcome home tail wag … these are just a few of the benefits of owning a dog.  Here are some more…keep in mind that we are biased and love the commitment we’ve made to our dogs:

  1. Be happier.  It’s been shown scientifically that dog owners are less likely to suffer from depression.  Having a dog to take care of is therapeutic.  The daily routine requires structure and regular activity…two things that help overcome ‘feeling down’ all the time.
  2. Healthier heart.  The simple act of just petting a dog can lower heart rate blood pressure studies have shown.  As well, dog owners seem to sleep better at night and are sick less often.
  3. More exercise.  Dogs need to be walked regularly.  That gets you off the couch and outside every day…good for both you and your dog.
  4. More active social life.  You meet people while walking, at training classes and social dog events .  If you’re fortunate to live in a community with lots of dogs, you’re sure to know all the dog owners who you meet regularly on daily walks.
  5. Lower stress at work.  Just thinking about coming home to be greeted by your dog can be enough to lower your stress at work during the day.  And we’re starting to hear benefits from bringing your dog to work:  lower stress, more energy.

Do you need any more reasons about the benefits of owning a dog?  If so, give us a call and we’ll be happy to share our experience with our dog owners.


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