My First Best Friend

From my earliest memories, there were always dogs in the house. Beginning with our first black Lab Spike coming into my room to wake me up for school. He was a gentle, calm, kind dog and was very patient with … Read More

What’s the right dog for us?

‘What’s the right dog for our family?’ With Christmas just around the corner, lots of families will be thinking about getting a  dog.  Some will even plan for a new dog as a Christmas morning surprise,  which can sound exciting … Read More

How cold is too cold?

As the temperatures dip and rise sporadically this winter, it can make us feel that spring is almost here! Though we are in the second half of winter, it’s important to know safety measures for cold temperatures. That’s why we … Read More

Winter Blues? Try an Agility Course!

Check out this great story about Brian Einarson. Brian built a winter playground in his backyard for his dogs to get supervised exercise! Brian’s elaborate snow tunnels emulate the great learning conditions that are provided by agility courses.  Agility programs … Read More

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