Well Trained

A solid start to a lifetime of enjoyment with your Dog is our Obedience Level 1 Program.  But don’t take our word for it.  Here are some comments from Dog Owners who recently completed the program: Katelyn saw big improvements: … Read More

My First Dog

Do you remember your first Dog?  Susan does and she shared her story with us: Her name was Duchess.  She was a cross between a Black Lab and Golden Retriever and had the most gentle disposition.  It was years ago … Read More

Dog Training that Works

The biggest frustration as a Dog Owner is when your Dog behaves inappropriately.  While you feel frustrated remember that this is two-way:  your Dog also feels the pain! That’s where working with a qualified Trainer in a Dog Training Program can help. Training … Read More

Baby its cold outside

“Baby it’s cold outside!” And even though we don’t refer to it anymore as the ‘Polar Vortex we have some extremely cold temperatures across the GTA so far this winter.  With more to come before its all over. Dressing properly … Read More

Lifetime Bonding with your Dog

Bonding with your Dog is the key to a long, healthy and enjoyable relationship.  And that bonding process begins as soon as you bring your Dog home. The relationship starts out tentatively because you don’t know your Dog and he … Read More

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