Doggie Code of Conduct

We love our dogs and we’re used to their behaviours.  Others may not share our love and some may even be afraid.  Our Doggie Code of Conduct  lists 5 rules to live by for the benefit of everyone:

  1. My Owner and I will always be polite; as long as you allow us space if we need it.  We will try and minimize sniffing but please understand that is how I get to know people first and then I may like a little scratch behind the ears. At times I may just wish to pass on by as my owner calmly walks me and acknowledges you.  
  2. I may want to meet your dog however will not unless given permission and will respect if you or your dog do not wish to meet. 
  3. I may like kids however I can get afraid if they are rushing and waving their arms and touch me without asking. Please teach them that they need to act calm and ask before touching, only if an adult is present.    
  4. My Owner will pay attention to me at all times when we are out on a walk, visit your home or you come to visit us. We like visiting you and you visiting us, however at times I may not be in the mood or I may not be comfortable in certain situations which my owners will know. At these times my owners will allow me to rest in my crate after taking me for a long walk while you visit or they visit you.    
  5. As the outdoors is my washroom my owner will clean up immediately wherever we go.As the outdoors is my washroom my owner will clean up immediately wherever we go.
  6. Please don’t smother me!  I love attention but if growl a little it means I’m a little unfomfortable.  I just need my space.

The Dog StopWe believe dogs are part of the family and we provide training programs and classes to teach your dog how to behave in social situations.  We also offer fun agility training programs to allow you to spend time with your dog while you both get mental exercise learning the equipment and the courses and physical exercise going through it. For a full list of our Training Programs, go to our website: 


At The Dog Stop we are dedicated to ensuring that you and your pet have a long and healthy relationship.  We offer Walks N Wags Pet First Aid courses for Dogs and Cats. From learning how to prevent illness and injuries to dealing with bleeding, broken bones, choking, CPR/AR and so much more. We also offer Training Programs for every age and stage.