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TDS FBThe biggest frustration as a Dog Owner is when your Dog behaves inappropriately.  While you feel frustrated remember that this is two-way:  your Dog also feels the pain! That’s where working with a qualified Trainer in a Dog Training Program can help.

Training Programs  here at The Dog Stop are geared towards socializing your dog around other dogs, people and anything they will come upon in the Real World.  Our  Level 1 Obedience (  is the beginner course.  This should be immediately followed by enrollment to our Social Obedience membership.  The courses will also provide direction on managing unwanted behaviours.

We feel proud of the results that we’ve seen with Dogs and their Owners who have been through some of our programs:

  • From the Robinson’s, “Arlene helped us solve a behavioural problem very quickly and has helped our puppy behave much better at home”.
  • Tami has this to say about her experience:  “Very grateful to Arlene for her help with my own dogs as well as my foster dogs”
  • And from Stephanie, “My mini Doxie is way better at listening and more controlled with us.  He is less scared.  We are still working on being social…now we can help with that because he has learned do basic skills”.

For more information on these and all our Dog Training Programs, check our web site  You can also email us at or call us at 905 822 5885


At The Dog Stop we are dedicated to ensuring that you and your pet have a long and healthy relationship.  We offer Walks N Wags Pet first aid courses for Dogs and Cats. We also offer Training Programs for every age and stage.  Click here for details:  Training Programs.

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